3 Things an Employer Will Look for in Your Background

When an employer is considering a potential employee, they will likely do a background check on them to ensure that there are no red flags. There are various aspects of someone’s background that they’ll look at but not all blemishes are disqualifying. They are usually looking for specific things that could be troubling. Here are some of the specifics that an employer might look for when completing an employment background screening.

Criminal History

The background check an employer completes differs based on the company but nearly all will look at a person’s criminal history. A conviction might not immediately disqualify a candidate but it depends on the crime and how truthful they are. Many employers won’t like if a candidate lied about a conviction on an application while others might allow them to explain the circumstances. However, if the job being sought requires a high level of security, any conviction could be disqualifying.

Driving Record

If you’ve ever applied for a job, you might have noticed they request your driver’s license information. While the purpose is obvious if the job requires driving, you might wonder why they ask for this information if there’s no driving involved. Many companies want this information to see if you’ve had any DUIs. Small violations, such as speeding tickets or moving violations, won’t be troubling unless the job requires driving. Any DUIs might be used as a sign of your dependability. This could cause some employers to disqualify you from consideration.

Employment History

When you apply for a job, the application will ask for your employment history. This is because they want to know how much experience you have. While not every company will look further into your employment background, some will check to see if you’re honest. They typically are looking for companies you’ve worked for, your job titles, and the dates of employment. They’re basically looking to see if you were honest on your resume. For this reason, it’s best to always be honest on your resume. You never know when an employer might check that information.

Most employers will complete a background check when considering a candidate. There are various things that they’ll look for when searching through the background check. These are some of the things that an employer will look for when completing an employment background screening.

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