Tips for Keeping Your Copier Running Smoothly

What would happen in your office if the trusted copier went down? Unfortunately, many employees, learn the true value of the office copier only after it has failed. In most cases, when the copier crashes workflow grinds to a halt, as there’s simply no way to replace the productivity advantage that a copier offers in the busy office environment.

The good news is that most copiers are robust and can tolerate a good bit of heavy use without missing a beat. You can also improve your chances of avoiding a costly copier meltdown by adhering to a few copier maintenance best practices that will keep your machine running smoothly, even during heavy use. Keep reading to learn a few tips that you can utilize to help improve the performance and longevity of your Canon copier in Anchorage, AK.

Let Clearer Heads Prevail

If you’ve recently noticed that there are white streaks running across your documents or printed graphics, that’s a tell-tale sign that the printing heads need to be cleaned. While the task of cleaning the printing heads may sound complicated, it’s something that can be accomplished without the help of a professional technician. Most modern office copiers have a cleaning function that handles the task on your behalf.

Keep It Cool

You may not know it, but a Canon printer can generate a lot of heat when it’s under a heavy workload. That heat can damage sensitive internal components, which can cause your printer break down and leave you helpless in your hour of greatest need. Therefore, it’s a good practice to let your printer cool off for a few moments after running a large job to prevent the cascade of adverse impact that stem from overheating.

Be a Dust-Buster

Nothing degrades the quality of your printing more than dust and debris caught inside the machine. Dust on the cleaning heads can result in streaky prints. Bits of paper detritus can shear off during operation and jam the inner workings of your machine, leading you or a technician on a scavenger hunt to find the source of the stoppage. The best tactic to avoid these issues is to routinely clear dust and paper debris from your copier. Leaving it there is just a recipe for disaster.

Quality Over Quantity

You may be able to buy more paper if the quality is low, but it’s important that you use only high-quality paper in your copy machine. Low-quality paper is more likely to tear and shred, which results in jams that bring your copying to an abrupt halt. High-quality paper also generates less dust, so you’ll need to clean the printer less frequently.

If you want to keep your Canon copier in Anchorage AK, running smoothly, use these tips to avoid frequent breakdowns and issues. By keeping it clean, using quality paper, and letting it rest occasionally, you’ll reduce your printer’s downtime and boost your productivity.

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