Try to Know the Flood Lights Applications and Their Advantages

We all are well aware that lighting can play a very important role in our day to day lives and the only time we realize their importance is when there is power failure.

We have been familiar with many different kinds of lights used for lighting both indoors as well as outdoors and as the technology progressed, we came across many different kinds of lighting system. 

Flood lights are also great lighting fixtures which can emit broad light beam. As its name suggests, these flood lights can be used for flooding an area by using light. This is the best method to provide enormous amount of artificial light to any area.

Nowadays, you may come across LED floodlights, which are very energy efficient and also have much higher lumen/watt output as compared to all other conventional lights that are available.

Applications of floodlights

You will find application of flood lights in the following areas.

     1. Construction sites and manufacturing plants

In such places, where work continues for 24 X 7 basis, high-intensity flood lights are a must. 

     2. Ports

Ports too are another area where there is a need for constant lighting and flood lights can be used.

     3. Façade lighting

Basic purpose of using flood light is for highlighting principal façades like the company logo etc.

     4. Architectural monuments and buildings 

Flood lights can be used for illuminating these structures during night to enhance their architectural splendor.

     5. Stadiums

Stadiums are also a place where often day and night matches are held and flood lights will be very useful.

     6. Streets

Street too needs good lighting during night for smooth flow of traffic and flood lighting is best answer.

     7. Driveways

Flood lights can provide good lighting on the driveways to prevent any accident while parking.

     8. Parking lots

Flood lights can be very useful if installed in parking lots.

     9. Warehouses

Ware house too needs proper visibility so that people can conveniently find their necessary items. 

     10. Other large areas 

Besides that, any other large areas where lighting is needed, flood lighting can be a good option.

Advantages of flood lights by using LEDs

We have already mentioned about LED floodlights before that can offer us following advantages:

     1. Energy efficient

LED floodlights can offer bright light by consuming very little amount of energy as compared to all other kinds of light source that are available in the market. 

     2. Maintenance free

LED lights are almost maintenance free and once you have installed them, you can expect it to last long and need not worry about their frequent replacement too soon.

     3. High lumen output

As far as lumen output is concerned, it is a measure of brightness of any kind of light source. Your light will be brighter if lumen output is higher. LEDs have very high lumen output, which makes them a perfect choice for using as flood light.

     4. Excellent thermal management

Almost negligible amount of heat will be produced by LED which is in sharp contrast against its all other counterparts.

     5. Environment-friendly

In today’s context, where people always prefer to choose a green product, LED can be the perfect choice for them.

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