Tips for Painting a Large Room

Whether it’s a large office space, a great room, or a recreation area in your church, here are some tips on how to paint a large room.


While it may be tempting to be trendy when it comes to color, remember how difficult and expensive it is to paint such a large area, and consider using more neutral tones instead. By using more subdued hues for the majority of the painting you can always do an accent wall, vinyl stickers, or other forms of wall decoration later that are far easier to replace when it’s time for a revamp.

Keep in mind the fixtures, flooring, and trim that the paint will need to compliment. It can be a good idea to paint a few sample passes on the wall near the floor and evaluate it throughout the day in different lighting.


There are several different types of finishes when it comes to paint. They start at matte (which is very flat and has no sheen) and go all the way up to glossy which is high sheen. As you go up in the shine factor you go up in durability, but also in price. You will have to decide your budget and what type of paint you can afford for your large room. A rule of thumb is one gallon of paint for every 400 square feet of space.

A satin finish can be a good choice for a larger room. It can handle frequent traffic, is easy to clean, and will not be too shiny or overwhelming. Eggshell is another finish that can be well suited for larger rooms and is a step down on the sheen scale.


After you’ve chosen and purchased your paint, it’s time to apply it. Whether you try to do it yourself or hire a service of interior painting in Atlanta, GA, will be dependent upon a few factors. If you do the painting yourself you will have to purchase all of the necessary supplies like rollers, drop cloths, ladders, and more.

If you have a lot of willing volunteers it may be feasible to paint the room yourself, but be sure to take breaks, practice proper ladder safety, and cover the floor extremely well to avoid accidents. To save on worry, expenses, and the chance for an unattractive result, it is best to hire a professional company for interior painting in Atlanta GA, for your great room. That way you can relax and enjoy your spacious surroundings without having to worry.

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