The Pressing Need to Ditch Plastic and Paper Bags and Use Reusable Ones Instead

Every one of us is guilty of having a spot in our home where we store unwanted plastic bags.  It is estimated that on an average American uses around 6 shopping bags a week be it plastic or paper bags. It is also revealed that an average person uses a plastic bag only for about 12 minutes before deciding to discard it.

Imagine the whooping number of plastic bags discarded every week – It easily crosses 1.8 billion. The adverse effects of using (and carelessly discarding) plastic are abundant. The following are reasons enough to switch to an eco-friendly option.

Why is it a high time we put an end to plastic bag?

  • Long decomposition time: Plastic bags take anywhere between 15 to 1000 years to decompose. Plastic bags decompose slowly by exposure to light which in turn breaks in down to small, toxic particles.
  • Threat to marine life: Over 1 million birds, an alarming number of 100,000 turtles and numerous other sea animals confuse floating bags for edible sea life like plankton or jellyfish and ingest it. Plastic blocks the digestive tract and animals die of starvation. Some die after getting entangled in plastic waste.
  • Lack of recycling: The cost of recycling plastic bags is more than the cost to produce plastic bags. Instead of putting it through recycling, they are thrown away. As per rough statistics only 2% of plastic bags undergo recycling whereas the rest leech toxins into the soil and water.
  • Rise in petroleum product prices: Non-renewable resources like natural gas and petroleum products are employed for manufacturing plastic bags which in turn is one of the reasons for rise in petroleum products.

Stores are encouraging people to bring their own bags in an attempt to cut down on plastic bag usage which is a great thing. If you are looking for long-lasting reusable bags, check out wide variety of eco-friendly options at ‘’. You can also purchase it in bulk at wholesale prices for your business requirements.

Why not paper bags?

Though paper bags seem more economical, over 14 million trees are cut down in the US every year to make paper bags. A single paper bag consumes 13% more energy than 2 plastic bags. Their production process emits harmful toxins in the atmosphere. Paper bags are not environment-friendly like many of us assumed. Reusable ones are the best alternative.

How are reusable carry bags way better?

Instead of paying extra for every carry bag you purchase, you can get your own reusable bag. It saves on cost. They conserve natural resources unlike plastic and paper bags. By reducing the production of plastic bags, there is less occurrence of pollution and fewer amounts spent on cleaning up the wastes.

The reusable ones are extremely versatile and comfortable to carry around. They are available in many colors and you can re-use it often for other purposes like carrying books, snacks, food etc. Why not make use of these bags which are packed with benefits and create a better pollution-free environment?

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