From Keg to Glass: Parts of a Draft Beer System

Whoever has made it through a keg party will surely remember two things. First is that one red solo cup and second is the draft beer system that delivers your bar specials from keg to glass. There’s nothing better than a freshly poured, ice-cold pint of the beverage.

If you’re wondering how the equipment keeps the beer fresh, fizzy, and flowing, then hop on to the pun train and learn more about the draft system. Listed below are its parts and how they work to serve the perfect drink.

The Cooler, the Better

There are lots of great things about a draft system, but nothing’s cooler than – you’ve guessed it right – the cooler. More than keeping the beer ice-cold, this part of the equipment has many other purposes. It preserves the drink’s carbonation levels to avoid excessive foaming and prevents the beverage from spoiling. No one definitely wants a skunky bar special.

The Beer Keeper

Anyone who has gone to a pub won’t fail to recognize a keg. It’s the beer keeper where that rich, malty goodness is. You may imagine a weathered wooden barrel with a brass-colored tap, but this part of the draft system comes in a variety of sizes and materials. Most kegs in the U.S. come in 5, 7.75, or 15.5 gallons and are made of stainless steel.

Beer Pressure

When pulling the tap, air flows from a canister to the keg. It fills the vessel with pressurized gas that pushes the beer out of the faucet. Most pubs and bars use pure carbon dioxide for the purpose, but certain beers need nitrogen instead. Draft systems that use the latter have specialized hardware to handle high pressures.

The Happy Coupler

The pressurized gas used to push the drink out of the keg enters through the coupler, which is always paired with a valve. They’re the heart of every draft system and without their partnership, you can’t pour the perfect pints. The two work together in regulating the pressure released into the vessel so you can dispense the fizzy beverage.

The Love Connection

Running out from the heart of your system are two food-grade PVC tubes. One connects to the gas canister to regulate air pressure. The other, called the beer line, attaches to either the tap tower or the faucet to let the drink flow out. Call a draft beer line cleaning company every so often to keep these parts in good condition.

The Faucet, or Tap

There’s a nice pun for this one, but it’s better not to faucet on you! Kidding aside, the tap is the only thing standing between you and the hoppy beverage. Just turn it on to enjoy the perfectly brewed beer that goes down easily, wrapping you in its warmth and making you fall in love with its bitter sweetness.

People have created so many memories with beer: Keg stands, all-nighters, drunk walks at the beach, and even crazy drinking games that had your friend crawling to bed. It’s funny how most of these experiences are just a blur, but they’re certainly memorable at the same time.

Make sure your drinks are always fresh and fizzy by getting a draft beer line cleaning service in Austin. They’ll keep all the parts of your draft system in tip-top shape, so you can serve the best ice-cold beer all night.


Enhance the Beauty of Your Dining Room with Crystal Chandeliers

Dining area where the whole family or guests gather to enjoy their meal and have conversations is one of the most important rooms in any house. Dining room with comfortable chairs and appropriate lighting makes the space stand out and look beautiful.

Lighting fixtures are essential for any interior decoration. For lighting above the dining table, Chandeliers are the best options. They are highly preferred for their unique designs and craftmanship. An elegant chandelier gives an illumination and becomes the focal point of your room.

Chandeliers were once considered a symbol for wealth. However, now it has become a lot more affordable. Modern dining room chandeliers suits most of the modern homes, and can be easily bought online and delivered at your door step.

Modern chandeliers come in various shapes like rectangle, round, rings etc., and you can choose the base material like brass, silver, black, and chrome according to your taste and the ambience you need. Choosing the best lighting option is arguably an art. This article guides you to choose the best chandelier for exquisite dining space.

Measure Your Room:

Measure your room with a tape, from wall to wall as well as floor to ceiling. This will give you an idea of how much space you got, that you can refer to when you contact a seller. Take into consideration the dining table height and length.

Choose What Fits You:

Since you can’t try out any chandeliers before you buy, imagine roughly how it will look in your dining room space and make your best choice. Stick to the measurements you took. Ensure it fits well with other furnishings that you already have, and enhances the whole look. Consult with interior designers for suggestions.

Understand Your Lighting Requirements:

You need to decide on how much light you will need around the dining area. If you are fixing the chandelier for light, then make sure it is kept low enough to serve the purpose. If the room is big, then opt for fixtures with more bulbs. You can choose conventional bulbs or LED for brighter look. Make sure the lighting is soft and not too bright.

Consider Various Styles and Designs

According to the aesthetics of your home, you can choose either classic or contemporary ones.

If you want fashionable and elegant ones, you can opt for contemporary crystal pendant chandeliers. However, if you wish to maintain a conventional look then you can choose from authentic vintage kind.

Instead of having one piece chandelier on your dining table, you can even try fixing two small eye-catching lights at the ends of the table that will make your room considerably larger.

You get a wide range of chandeliers at Sofary lighting. They are popular manufacturers of beautiful modern lighting and fixtures. On their website, you can get quality fixtures, from vintage chandeliers to contemporary crystal ones at affordable price, which match your taste.

A Word of Caution

Before installing a chandelier, you need to make sure that your ceiling supports its weight. Unexpected failure can cause damage to the chandelier or dining table. It would be better to seek the help of an expert, if your chandelier is costly one.


The Pressing Need to Ditch Plastic and Paper Bags and Use Reusable Ones Instead

Every one of us is guilty of having a spot in our home where we store unwanted plastic bags.  It is estimated that on an average American uses around 6 shopping bags a week be it plastic or paper bags. It is also revealed that an average person uses a plastic bag only for about 12 minutes before deciding to discard it.

Imagine the whooping number of plastic bags discarded every week – It easily crosses 1.8 billion. The adverse effects of using (and carelessly discarding) plastic are abundant. The following are reasons enough to switch to an eco-friendly option.

Why is it a high time we put an end to plastic bag?

  • Long decomposition time: Plastic bags take anywhere between 15 to 1000 years to decompose. Plastic bags decompose slowly by exposure to light which in turn breaks in down to small, toxic particles.
  • Threat to marine life: Over 1 million birds, an alarming number of 100,000 turtles and numerous other sea animals confuse floating bags for edible sea life like plankton or jellyfish and ingest it. Plastic blocks the digestive tract and animals die of starvation. Some die after getting entangled in plastic waste.
  • Lack of recycling: The cost of recycling plastic bags is more than the cost to produce plastic bags. Instead of putting it through recycling, they are thrown away. As per rough statistics only 2% of plastic bags undergo recycling whereas the rest leech toxins into the soil and water.
  • Rise in petroleum product prices: Non-renewable resources like natural gas and petroleum products are employed for manufacturing plastic bags which in turn is one of the reasons for rise in petroleum products.

Stores are encouraging people to bring their own bags in an attempt to cut down on plastic bag usage which is a great thing. If you are looking for long-lasting reusable bags, check out wide variety of eco-friendly options at ‘’. You can also purchase it in bulk at wholesale prices for your business requirements.

Why not paper bags?

Though paper bags seem more economical, over 14 million trees are cut down in the US every year to make paper bags. A single paper bag consumes 13% more energy than 2 plastic bags. Their production process emits harmful toxins in the atmosphere. Paper bags are not environment-friendly like many of us assumed. Reusable ones are the best alternative.

How are reusable carry bags way better?

Instead of paying extra for every carry bag you purchase, you can get your own reusable bag. It saves on cost. They conserve natural resources unlike plastic and paper bags. By reducing the production of plastic bags, there is less occurrence of pollution and fewer amounts spent on cleaning up the wastes.

The reusable ones are extremely versatile and comfortable to carry around. They are available in many colors and you can re-use it often for other purposes like carrying books, snacks, food etc. Why not make use of these bags which are packed with benefits and create a better pollution-free environment?


Benefits of Hiring a Risk Management Company

Some business owners aren’t willing to ask for help when they’re in need. They tend to be independent by nature. They’d rather oversee problems in their companies themselves since they’re the ones who understand them the most. But, it’s impossible to know everything about running an enterprise. Sometimes, the best decision to make as an entrepreneur is to seek counsel from a risk management company. They can lay out concrete strategies and solutions for any potential issues.

Here are some benefits of hiring a risk management company.

Efficient and Consistent Operations

No matter what department, risk management helps employees succeed with their operations. It assesses potential threats and develops strategies to achieve their goals and maximize productivity. This will reduce the likelihood of a failed project by identifying issues early. If something goes wrong, your manager will already have a backup plan, so everything progresses without a hitch.

Increased Safety and Security

Health and security are crucial parts of a risk manager’s role. They work hard to seek out hazardous areas in the company to make it a safer place. Through data analysis, loss and injury trends are identified to implement strategies that’ll prevent them from reoccurring. This is especially beneficial for employees in a physical labor environment, such as construction.

Risk management can help protect your company’s data. They can create concrete strategies so that your system is less vulnerable to hacking. They also have an action plan ready when confidential information gets compromised.

Improved Communication

Vertical and horizontal communication are essential for organizational and employee well-being. It promotes a clear understanding of issues and helps everyone efficiently work together. Although most workers know this, it can be difficult to do.

Risk managers can help improve horizontal and vertical communications by providing a centralized point of contact, giving reports and analysis, and setting expectations.

Reduced Accidents and Unexpected Events

Although it’s impossible to think of every possible problem and address them, risk managers make unpleasant surprises less likely to happen. Their goal is to map out all potential threats that could occur in your company and come up with a plan to prevent them. They should be the first person an employee turns to when something serious goes wrong since they probably already have a solution for it.

When running a business, preparing for problems doesn’t make you a pessimist. It’s a mark of a responsible entrepreneur. So, don’t wait for a threat to arise before taking precautionary measures. Hire a risk management consulting company to prevent potential issues from happening.