2 Top Industries for 3D Printing

Before, printing on woodblocks, paper, and textiles ushered in a new age for society. Now, who knew that it can also bring modern technology to its next level?

But, this isn’t the traditional replication method you apply to your homework or office documents. Instead, it’s producing tangible objects through 3D printing. To learn what’s so special about it, here are 2 industries where its use brought forth innovation.


3D printing is fully utilized in construction, whether it be in design, industrial prototyping, or renovation. Architects can assemble accurate models with the help of a 3D model printing service California. This not only lets clients better visualize the artist’s plan but also allows civil engineers to examine what they’ll recreate on a much larger scale.

Models aren’t the only thing that can be 3D printed. With the accuracy of machines, along with the durability of the polymer-based medium, intricately designed houses can also be built purely via this procedure. In fact, you can see it in motion in Dubai’s booming construction industry.

It can also improve rebuilding efforts after a natural disaster. Its speedy and durable construction creates hospitals, shelters, and feeding stations. This is especially beneficial when there’s a lack of workers or volunteers for the initiative.


The medical industry is another place where 3D printing shines. One of the most notable examples is in prosthesis creation. Traditionally, such an attachment is mass-produced and doesn’t always fit the wearer well. Having one tailored to a person’s physical proportions takes more time and money. This presents difficulties if the patient urgently needs a customized unit.

Because 3D printers can construct reasonably priced and personalized objects, they’re the perfect solution to this problem. These machines can accurately and easily create prostheses to accommodate specifications based on a person’s height, weight, age, and even lifestyle.

Doctors and engineers are also working together to bring the full potential of this innovative prosthesis through bio printing. Cells and similar bio matter are interwoven to create structured organic matter that can potentially be used to replace human tissue. Although it’s still in the earlier phases of development, scientists found that they can recreate artificial organs, like skin, bones, and even the heart.

These are just 2 of the many industries that are being moved forward by the best 3d printing service in California. To learn more about the others, or if you want to try this technology, head over to the nearest provider today.

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